Truth and Tales

*Gold Seal of Excellence Mom’s Choice Awards®*

Truth and Tales is an Explot original app which brings together interactive children’s stories. We understand the need for children’s apps that are fun, educational and healthy for child development. Since we’re passionate about stories, we have focused on an interactive book app. The stories are profound and full of meaning, while also being perfect for bedtime reading!

The first stories in the Truth and Tales library are based on old tales that provide several benefits to children’s cognitive development. The stories in the Truth and Tales were created not only to entertain, but also to teach how to better understand ourselves in the world. The interactive stories illustrate virtues such as self-confidence, the ability to overcome irrational fears, peaceful negotiation instead of violent confrontation, and much more. 

The curation of the Truth and Tales stories had the participation of doctors, neuroscientists and educators, who also took part in the stories development process so that nothing would go wrong along the way. The illustrations and animations of Truth and Tales, its use of color and all of its language were carefully created so that every effect and benefit from the stories would be preserved.

When exposed to Truth and Tales’ stories repetitively, kids will better comprehend their lives and reflect on how people think and act in different situations. These stories help them to distinguish effective patterns of thought and behaviour through reflections and actions.  


Children draw as much as they can from each story according to their current stage of development. It may be that the child comprehends only one character, one story event, or even just the most obvious meaning the first time reading the story, but the more they hear the story, the more they will understand it, each time finding more meanings, concepts and insights. 

With repeated exposure to the Truth and Tales stories, children learn to comprehend their lives and are able to reflect on how people think and act in different situations. These stories help children distinguish between effective standards and non-effective ones through reflection and practical actions. 

With the stories from the Truth and Tales library and a short discussion of the stories after using the app, children can learn to think in a more well-founded way, expand their vocabulary and use new words in their daily lives, children can think about the multiple meanings of these stories in ways that enrich their learnings about life. 

Books available in Truth and Tales

  • The Child and the Dragon: The Queen doesn’t follow the kingdom’s Wise Man’s instructions and a child is born with surprising traits. By being able to reach their goals through measures that involve intelligence, commitment and negotiation, the Child teaches the readers much more than the expected lesson in bravery.
  • The Journey of the Prince: Prince Haqq is sent on a mission far away from his country of origin. In the new country called Solposto, Haqq forgets his mission and needs to remember it in order to return home. By using non-conventional resources to complete his mission, Haqq teaches children to think and remember about themselves. 
  • Leo, the Lion: A thirsty lion approaches a lake.  When it sees its reflection, it startles at the feral creature looking back at it and gets too scared to drink the water. Children learn with the Lion how to handle their fears and inhibitions.